During the course of the unexpected events of this wild year, SFTP To Go has made some exciting progress. Here is what’s new:

Webhook payload now includes actor

If you’re currently using SFTP To Go’s webhook feature to automate file processing, the payload relayed for each change within your files now includes the “actor” key, specifying who completed each action; either the credential, if done by an SFTP user, or the IAM user ID, if done by an S3 user. Read more here.

Webhook resend

In the instance that webhooks failed to be sent to your target, you will now be able to resend them manually via the UI:

webhook retries in SFTP To Go

Dashboard auditing information

When you click on your profile avatar, you’ll now have access to a list displaying the previous times you logged in. Additionally, if you have multiple add-on installations, you’ll be able to switch directly from this page.

New profile page enhancements

Email updates changes

As noted here, Heroku discontinued their email relay services for teams beginning in October. As a result, we had to promptly change our emailing method (operational, notifications, newsletters, etc). Our first change resulted in emails relayed to the entire team, which was not a good idea. Since then, we have made changes to ensure that operational emails are sent to the team administrators and not to team members, in both existing and new accounts.

The SFTP team is available through email or in-app chat if you happen to have any questions regarding these changes.

Phew! This year has finally come to an end. Let’s take only the good things with us and we will see you in 2021!

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Post Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash