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SFTP To Go is a fully managed secure, scalable and reliable cloud file storage with support for the SFTP, FTPS, S3 and HTTPS protocols. It allows to share and integrate with 3rd parties using popular and secure protocols and automate data management and processing using APIs and webhooks.

  • 1-click setup and you're ready to go
  • Use your own domain
  • Integrate data without worrying about APIs and automate everything


Also known as Golang, Go is an open source programming language designed by Google. It is widely popular among developers thanks to its direct and simple approach, high performance, readability and proficiency.

How does it work?

Connect to SFTP To Go from the Go programming language using the sftp package that provides support for file system operations on remote ssh servers using the SFTP subsystem. You can find code samples and tutorials to connect to SFTP using Go here.

  • List files
  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files
  • Create folders
  • Delete folders
  • Move files

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