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Workflow Management


SFTP To Go is a fully managed secure, scalable and reliable cloud file storage with support for the SFTP, FTPS, S3 and HTTPS protocols. It allows to share and integrate with 3rd parties using popular and secure protocols and automate data management and processing using APIs and webhooks.

  • 1-click setup and you're ready to go
  • Use your own domain
  • Integrate data without worrying about APIs and automate everything

Make.com (formerly known as Integromat)

Make.com is a no-code, visual integration platform that links together your favorite apps/services and allows you to effortlessly move data between apps in order to automate your workflow.

  • Detailed information about each execution
  • Drag and drop to connect apps
  • Automatic error handling

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and log in:
  2. Gather SFTP To Go details:
    • Log in to SFTP To Go and note your SFTP server details (host, username, password, and port).
  3. Create a new scenario on Make.com:
    • Log in to Make.com and click "Create a new scenario."
  4. Add SFTP module:
    • Click the "+" icon, search for "SFTP," and select the appropriate SFTP module (e.g., upload or download files).
  5. Set up SFTP connection:
    • Enter the SFTP server details from SFTP To Go.
    • Test the connection to ensure it works.
  6. Add additional modules:
    • Add other modules as needed to complete your workflow (e.g., email, Google Sheets).
    • Connect these modules in the scenario editor.
  7. Map data:
    • Define how data should be transferred between apps using Make.com’s mapping feature.
  8. Activate the scenario:
    • Test the scenario to ensure it works correctly.
    • Activate it to start automating your workflow.
  9. Start a scenario with a webhook:
    • Set up a webhook in Make.com to trigger the scenario when files are uploaded to SFTP To Go.
    • Configure the webhook to receive notifications from SFTP To Go about new file uploads.
    • In SFTP To Go, set up the webhook to make requests to Make.com. For more details, visit SFTP To Go Webhook Notifications.
    • Trigger the webhook manually from the SFTP To Go webhook tab to generate sample data for processing.
    • Process the webhook payload in Make.com by setting up the webhook data structure. For instructions, see Setting Up Webhook Data Structure.

For detailed instructions, visit the Make Help Center.

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