Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

Company Size

11-50 Employees



Cole Medical Inc. (CMI), headquartered in Wyckoff, New Jersey, provides a comprehensive suite of billing services to clients ranging from sole practitioners to large, hospital-based group practices. 

Established in 1983, CMI has built a reputation for excellence in the medical billing industry.

With four decades of experience, CMI serves diverse medical speciality providers throughout the United States, delivering personal and attentive services that maximize profitability and ensure smooth operations.

Mission and services

CMI’s mission is to empower healthcare providers by minimizing denials, increasing cash flow, reducing accounts receivable (A/R), and maximizing profitability through industry-leading technology and services. Their offerings include:

  • 98% clean claims rate: Ensuring fast payment through first-pass clean claims.
  • Extensive experience: Bringing decades of experience across various medical specialties.
  • Full revenue cycle support: Including payer enrollment, credentialing, and contract negotiation support.
  • Revenue cycle management technology: Providing a 100% transparent process and rules engine to ensure full and accurate payments.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Offering real-time analytics for data-driven decision-making.

CMI’s technology allows seamless integration with various EHRs and clinical systems, facilitating efficient data exchange and rapid submission of charges to payers. 

Their comprehensive services ensure that every process, from payer enrollment to contract negotiation, is handled efficiently, making CMI a trusted partner for healthcare providers.

The challenge

CMI faced significant challenges in managing and securing the large volumes of sensitive patient health information (PHI) they handle daily. 

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated, and maintaining compliance with standards like HIPAA is non-optional for those striving to avoid penalties and safeguard PHI. Ensuring cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, and easy, safe data exchange is absolutely central to their operations. 

They needed a reliable, secure, and compliant data transfer solution that was also cost-effective.

Brian Cole, Chief Operating Officer at CMI, stated:

"We needed a secure gateway to manage the exchange of sensitive patient information. Our previous platform was becoming cost-prohibitive and didn't meet our needs anymore."
secure healthcare data management sftp to go
Brian Cole, Chief Operating Officer at CMI

The SFTP To Go solution

SFTP To Go proved to be the perfect solution for Cole Medical’s needs. 

The platform facilitated the secure and efficient exchange of sensitive PHI between CMI and their clients. As Brian Cole explained, the service was recommended by their IT company. After a demonstration, Brian knew right away that SFTP To Go was a perfect fit.

CMI's operations involve constantly exchanging sensitive patient information across various medical specialties, including everything from physical therapy to anesthesiology. They required a highly secure gateway to manage this data exchange. 

With SFTP To Go, CMI managed to convert all their clients to a secure, HIPAA-compliant transfer method, ensuring that all data is transferred safely, simply, and efficiently via  consistent means. 

Even clients who are less tech savvy now benefit from SFTP To Go’s user-friendly web portal, which helps Cole Medical keep their clients’ revenue cycles running smoothly.

Cole Medical's with SFTP To Go for secure medical data transfers
Cole Medical's revenue management cycle—with SFTP To Go

Key benefits

  1. Reliable performance: Cole Medical Inc. found SFTP To Go to be exceptionally dependable, ensuring 99.9% uptime, which is vital for maintaining their continuous and efficient operations.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: Brian highlighted, "Cost was a big factor for us, and SFTP To Go delivered a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality."
  3. Ease of integration: One of the standout features for Cole Medical was the seamless integration with their existing systems, including the custom document routing system they use to automate distributing of files through their own office. Brian noted, "SFTP To Go's flexibility in integrating with our existing systems was a major plus."
  4. Web portal: The availability of a web-based portal, which was introduced a few months after their initial adoption, addressed the needs of clients who faced limitations with installing software on their computers, ensuring that all clients could use the service efficiently.

Why SFTP To Go?

CMI chose SFTP To Go over other solutions because of its flexibility, simplicity, and affordability. Brian Cole emphasized the platform's ease and cost effectiveness, stating that SFTP To Go provided the required flexibility and security at a very affordable price. 

Advice for similar businesses

Brian Cole recommends SFTP To Go for any business looking for simple, stable, secure, and affordable data transfer solutions. 

He notes that SFTP To Go is a straightforward, safe way to exchange data without breaking the bank. Brian also let us know that he’s recommended SFTP To Go to associates who have since signed on. 


By choosing SFTP To Go, Cole medical Inc. has ensured that their medical billing processes remain smooth, secure, and efficient.

With SFTP To Go, Cole Medical has found a dependable partner that supports their commitment to excellence in medical data management.

This partnership has helped them maintain high standards of service and operational reliability, even in the highly regulated and sensitive realm of healthcare data.

Discover more about how Cole Medical Inc. can assist with your medical billing needs by visiting their website. To understand how SFTP To Go can transform your data transfer processes, explore SFTP To Go and the SFTP To Go blog.

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