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Juarez, Mexico

Company Size

1-10 Employees



Grupo Staff, headquartered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, provides a range of technological solutions, primarily focusing on payroll data processing and related services​ for the local Maquiladoras. These diverse client-companies operate in Mexico, but are HQed around the globe. 

Established in 1988, the company has a rich history of providing essential services to businesses that need to process and submit complex payroll data efficiently and accurately across borders.

Mission and services

Grupo Staff’s mission is to help their clients achieve high performance through sustainable and lasting value propositions, while keeping them aligned with the latest technological trends.

The company's operations involve interfacing with and collecting employee transactions, timesheets and worker data, primarily in CSV format, from various clients through multiple industries. This data is then processed and submitted to clients' banks for error-free payroll disbursement. 

The primary challenge for Grupo Staff is ensuring that complex payroll calculations are completed on time, a critical need in the payroll processing industry.

The challenge

Grupo Staff faced a major challenge in managing and securing the large volumes of confidential payroll data they handle daily. 

They required a reliable, secure, and compliant SFTP system to connect their chosen ERP, Themis, with diverse client systems. 

The solution needed to be highly available, with zero downtime, secure, and cost-effective, while allowing for seamless automated access from interfacing systems.

The SFTP To Go solution

SFTP To Go turned out to be the perfect, simple solution for Grupo Staff. 

transferring employee data with sftp
Flow diagram illustrating the flow of Grupo data.

SFTP To Go provided the essential infrastructure to facilitate this 3-step process, ensuring secure and reliable file transfers that keep the systems operational and efficient.

  1. Data Entry: HR staff at the Mexico plant enter employee data into an ERP system via a web browser.
  2. File Transfer: The ERP system automatically sends a file with all the entered data to the SFTP To Go server twice a day.
  3. Data Update: The HR system in Mexico reads the SFTP To Go folder to retrieve the files sent by the ERP and updates the HR system with the new data for payroll processing.

The platform's high uptime, affordability, and secure file transfer capabilities exceeded their expectations, ensuring that their systems remain operational and reliable, 24/7. 

SFTP To Go provided the necessary infrastructure to deposit and gather files required for payroll processing multiple times a day.

We had the opportunity to speak with Ricardo Solis, Sales Manager at Grupo Staff. Ricardo shared his insights and experiences with using SFTP To Go.

sftp payroll data processing
Ricardo Solis, Sales Manager at Grupo Staff

Key benefits

1. Stability: SFTP To Go offered a solid, simple, and stable solution that ensured 99.5% uptime, a must for the continuous operations of Grupo Staff and their global clients.

2. Security: The platform's secure file transfer capabilities protect the confidentiality of sensitive employee payroll data, and they’re able to guarantee security and compliance for their own customers.

3. Affordability: SFTP To Go's competitive pricing made it an attractive option for Grupo Staff, and is providing high value for their investment.

4. Flexibility: The ability to integrate seamlessly with their existing systems, including their FTP Client of choice, Filezilla, and automate SFTP data transfers between Themis ERP and their diverse customer systems was a key advantage.

Why SFTP To Go?

Grupo Staff chose SFTP To Go over other solutions because of its flexibility and affordability, as well as its USA coverage. Ricardo highlighted the platform's simplicity and effectiveness: 

 "We needed a reliable solution that could handle large amounts of confidential information. SFTP To Go provided the flexibility and security we required at a very affordable price."

Advice for Similar Businesses

Ricardo Solis recommends SFTP To Go for any business facing similar challenges of transferring large amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis. He emphasizes the platform's stability, security, and affordability, stating, "Contract SFTP To Go services without hesitation, highly recommended."


Grupo Staff's SFTP To Go implementation highlights the importance of choosing the right tools to enhance business operations. Such tools should never complicate—only elevate, through onboarding, growth, and beyond.

SFTP To Go has proven to be a reliable partner for Grupo Staff, ensuring their payroll data management processes are secure, reliable, and efficient—and we can do the same for you.

To learn more about Grupo Staff and their services, visit their website. For more information about how SFTP To Go can benefit your business, explore SFTP To Go and the SFTP To Go blog.

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