We have been working closely with customer feedback (from home) to provide new and improved functionalities to enhance your user experience. We can’t wait for you to give it a go!

FTPS protocol support & Static IPs

If any users in your account prefer to use the FTPS protocol, we now provide the option to do so. Additionally, if you have to add our IP addresses to your network’s safelist or need to connect to SFTP To Go via an IP Address, the utilization of Static IP addresses is now available as well.

File system webhooks

Integrate your apps with SFTP To Go using our brand new webhooks! Keep up with creation, modification or deletion of files and directories in your SFTP and process them automatically as soon as the change occurs. Read more about webhooks here. This feature is enabled in the Gold plan and above.

Add Webhook

IP allowlist and inbound network rules

Tighten your SFTP server security by controlling which IP addresses can access your files. Read more here. This feature too is enabled for Gold members.

Inbound Rules

Activation/deactivation of credentials

You can now enable and disable user credentials. This allows you to revoke user access temporarily without changing passwords or deleting the user.

What’s next?

It doesn’t stop there. We are constantly working on the development of SFTP To Go to ensure the most convenient and fulfilling experience for you. We appreciate your feedback and loyalty and are always here for you. Do not hesitate to email us about any questions or concerns.

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Crazy Ant Labs Team