As we enter the new decade, we are also celebrating Crazy Ant Lab’s first birthday and we thought we’d write a few lines to summarize 2019 and draw our roadmap for the coming year.

Accomplishments along the way

SFTP To Go is the first Heroku add-on we’ve published. It moved to GA early March 2019 and since then the add-on was installed in just over 300 accounts for which we manage a total capacity of 3.6tb in storage.  We’ve also managed to maintain 99.99% service uptime.

What we’ve worked on throughout 2019

Since our first release of the add-on, we’ve done our best to gather feedback from our users to improve our product and provide a better experience:

  • We’ve added the option to change a user’s home directory so multiple users can use the same home directory.
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  • We’ve added plans to support more users, less storage scenarios.
  • We’ve added Amazon S3 access for Gold members and above - you can use S3 APIs to easily access files programmatically or process them using Amazon Athena, Redshift or Glue.

2020 Roadmap

In the coming year, the plan is to add public HTTP access, management APIs, file system changes notifications and other features (full list here) . If you’d like to help us shape the future of SFTP To Go, please spend 2 minutes telling us what you think of our roadmap and feel free to make your own suggestions!

What else have we got for you?

Cron To Go Logo
Cron To Go

We recognize the importance of having the ability to run scheduled jobs without worries. Cron To Go is an enterprise grade scheduler that uses cron expressions to utilize one-off dynos, allowing job execution only when needed, and frees developers to work on the actual task logic rather than handle the burden of reliable scheduling. Cron To go is built as a reliable, at-least-once delivery scheduling system, on top of highly available, state-of-the-art cloud services, so all that’s left for you to do is use our simple interface to add, edit, or delete jobs to your app. Read more about Cron To Go here.

Activity To Go Logo
Activity To Go (now in Beta!)

Activity to Go allows you and your team to stay notified on any changes happening within the Heroku app in Slack, and integrate change notifications to other systems. Check it out right here.

Before you go

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their support and for the awesome feedback that helps us focus on what's right. We couldn't have done it without you!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us and if you have a few more minutes to spare, we’d be grateful if you could submit a review on G2.