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Using SSH Key Authentication

SSH key authentication allows you to connect to your cloud storage without a password and without passing private information between the client and the server.

If you don't have a private/public key pair, generate a key pair on your local machine (See here for help).

To connect using public key authentication, first add a public key to the credentials you'd like to use:

  1. Go to your organization credentials list (click Credentials in the menu).
  2. In the credentials list, expand the credentials you'd like to add a public key for.
  3. Click Import SSH key.
  4. Paste the public key. Make sure it begins with ssh-rsa.
  5. Click Import SSH key.

Then, get your SFTP client acquainted with your private key to use it instead of a password. For example, with the sftp command line interface, use the following syntax:

sftp -i [/path/to/your/private-key] user@hostname

To remove a public key, click the 'X' next to it under the designated credentials.

You may also force all users to use only public key authentication through your organization settings.