SFTP is a file transfer protocol used to store and share files securely, mostly between organizations. A fully managed SFTP is a cloud based service offering the perks of SFTP while relieving the user of the hassle of setting up and regularly maintaining an SFTP server. Users simply sign up to the service and then reap the benefits of the product. And what are these benefits? Well, let’s go over them quickly.

Instant SFTP

A fully managed SFTP (a.k.a. hosted SFTP) is supposed to provide SFTP as a service, without the troublesome process of setting it up, which is automatically taken care of by the company selling said service. This means that it ensures that all data and communication between the client and the server are encrypted. This sign-up-and-use model is at the heart of any fully managed SFTP, seeing as it saves copious amounts of time spent on setting up and maintaining an SFTP server.

Customization and Security

Hosted SFTP services boast configurable firewalls: In fully managed SFTPs, transferred files are accessible only to designated users and IPs. It is inherent to their design that they are accessible from every device and location, unless specified to do otherwise.

Fully managed SFTPs usually offer the user the option to encrypt files at rest. This means that files are encrypted not only while being transferred, but also when they aren’t being used, protecting stored data from security breaches. Encryption at rest sharpens and completes SFTP’s reliability by covering its blind spots.

Hosted SFTPs also keep detailed records of all file activity, providing the user a birds-eye view of their data.


Some SFTP services, such as SFTP To Go, utilize APIs and webhook notifications in order to automate SFTP processes. This not only saves precious time, but also allows for integrating SFTP storage with other apps.

Scalability and Dynamic Storage

Cloud based SFTP solutions can scale storage and disc space up or down in size according to the user’s needs. This makes for a flexible, cost-effective service, as it lets the user go far beyond the limits of his own hardware, without actually spending exorbitant sums of money on equipment which will end up gathering dust.

Business Continuity

SFTP services usually handle backups on behalf of customers. SFTP To Go offers File Versioning instead, which stores multiple versions of every file. In addition, SFTP To Go uses Amazon S3 as a durable, highly available and scalable storage which disperses data across data centers. These measures make sure that your data stays safe.

Have You Met SFTP To Go?

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Don't end up with an SFTP server that looks like this! Photo by Angelique Downing from Burst
Don't end up with an SFTP server that looks like this! Photo by Angelique Downing from Burst

Autoshop Photo by Alex Suprun on Unsplash