In business, every transaction, interaction, and decision generates data. Most businesses generate and channel reams of it on a daily basis, informing innovation, and guiding the evolution of industries. 

Yet, transferring and storing this data opens a door to data theft and cybercrime. So, your business’s greatest asset is also one of its most threatening risks. In this context, the security and efficiency of data management are foundational to business integrity and continuity.

Cloud SFTP is a hot topic right now, but there are so many providers and so many optional features to consider. We believe that fully managed cloud SFTP, complete with hosted servers and reliable cloud storage are the way to go for modern businesses. 

With so many options, what features should you look out for, and what are the benefits of using a world class, managed cloud SFTP service for your business? 

The benefits of managed cloud SFTP & storage

Integration with existing workflows

Operational efficiency often hinges on the seamless integration of new solutions with existing workflows, apps, and cloud products. Managed cloud SFTP with extensive API access means that your operations can continue smoothly, with no hitches.

Secure file transfer protocols (SFTP/FTPS)

In business data transfer, the protocols you choose are your first line of defense. Managed cloud SFTP leverages SFTP and FTPS, so every bit of data transferred is encrypted.

This is vital for sectors like legal, healthcare, and finance, where the secure transfer of sensitive information is expected practice and regulated by law.

Hosted SFTP servers 

There are massive benefits to using a service with a hosted server for cloud SFTP, no matter the size of your business.

Hosted SFTP servers offer cost savings by eliminating infrastructure investments, they reduce IT workload with managed maintenance, and enhance data security with built-in protections. They ensure high availability for continuous operations and provide expert support for swift issue resolution.

Cloud-based S3 storage

Another prime ingredient in a world-class data management solution is its storage capability. By building on top of Amazon S3 for cloud-based storage, some managed cloud SFTP providers, like SFTP To Go, offer a solution that’s as scalable as it is reliable and secure.

Whether you're a retail giant adjusting to seasonal demands or a burgeoning startup experiencing rapid growth, the flexibility to scale your storage needs is a must—and it should be easy.

Disaster recovery

The unexpected is a part of business, but your data's safety should be a constant. With a disaster recovery plan that includes recoverable downloads/uploads, your data is protected against loss and wasted time—even if you’re half-way through a big download when the power goes out.

This means continuity for critical services and infrastructure, even in the face of unforeseen events.

Branding and customizability

A good cloud SFTP provider, like SFTP To Go, offers comprehensive branding and customizability options. You may wish to tailor the cloud SFTP environment with your company's logo, color scheme, and more, ensuring a seamless user, partner, and customer experience that aligns with your brand identity.

The right provider brings a flexible platform to support brand consistency across all digital interactions, including secure file management.

Smart notifications

A real-time notification system, including webhook and email alerts, is essential for adaptability and precision. A system that lets you tailor your alerts to fit your operational needs—whether it's tracking file uploads, downloads, or changes in real-time, can inform timely decision making.

Look out for customizable filters that let you decide the criteria for notifications, ensuring you receive alerts for the events that matter to your business. 

Multi-factor authentication and IP whitelisting

Cyber threats evolve every day, and dual-factor authentication and IP whitelisting offer an additional security layer. These features are indispensable for businesses handling sensitive data and should be part of any cloud SFTP service.

Easy-to-use management dashboard

Complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to security. An easy-to-use management dashboard for your cloud SFTP ensures that regardless of your business size or technical expertise, you can manage file transfers, automation setups, and storage efficiently.

SSH key authentication support

SSH public and private key support is a strong alternative to traditional password-based authentication. This feature is valued by IT departments and technology-centric industries, where reducing the risk of brute force attacks is a priority.

High availability and uptime

The cost of downtime can be steep, measured in lost revenue and lost customer trust. Good managed cloud SFTP services need very high availability and uptime, supported, preferably, by robust infrastructure like that of AWS and S3.

That way, your e-commerce platform, online marketplace, or any other business service relying on continuous operation can trust in uninterrupted service.

Static IPs for outbound connections

For organizations with stringent security policies, including government, financial, legal, infrastructural, and healthcare institutions, static IPs for outbound connections offer a solution that fits within strict firewall rules, allowing secure connections to external services without compromising network security.

Web portal cloud access

The inclusion of a well-designed web portal makes your cloud SFTP service accessible directly from your browser without the need for additional software.

This is a major plus for remote and widely spread teams, partners, and businesses that prioritize ease of use, accessibility, and effortless data management. It’s also a game-changer for less technical users, who’ll find an intuitive portal UI, like SFTP To Go’s, much easier to work with.

Tiered pricing plans

This isn’t always a feature of cloud SFTP, but it’s something that you should look out for, in light of its benefits. A tiered pricing plan will help your business grow seamlessly.

SFTP To Go's tiered pricing plans are designed for flexibility. You can scale up effortlessly, accommodate numerous users, and adjust features as your business evolves. Simplify scaling and maximize efficiency by choosing a service that runs in gentle increments from small to unlimited.

Streamlining setup with fully-managed cloud-based SFTP from SFTP To Go

The good news is that every one of these features and benefits is available in one product, SFTP To Go. It’s lean, capable, and surprisingly easy to set up. Transitioning to our managed cloud SFTP, with hosted servers and reliable S3 storage, is as straightforward as it is transformative. 

  • Sign-up: Quickly sign up with basic business info.
  • Plan selection: Pick a plan that suits your size and needs, with easy upgrades available.
  • Configuration: Use the intuitive dashboard to set user accounts, permissions, and storage options—no tech expertise needed.
  • Integration: Easily integrate with your workflows using API and webhooks for enhanced data management.
  • Go live: Begin secure file transfers and management immediately after setup.

In conclusion

Data transfer and storage needn’t be a network of vulnerability points. Instead, you should start seeing it as a fountain of opportunity for your business. Your choice of data management tools can make the difference between vulnerability and security, inefficiency and productivity.

Managed cloud SFTP from SFTP To Go brings features designed to secure and streamline data transfer and storage—so you can make the most of timely management, with accurate and safe business data. 

From foolproof encryption protocols to seamless integration with existing workflows, these features are designed to eliminate room for inaccuracy, save you time and resources, and secure your business data against cybercrime, in transit and at rest,

Our fully-managed cloud SFTP brings all of the benefits of our expertise and infrastructure, with none of the drawbacks and challenges of going it alone. So, sign up for a free trial with SFTP To Go today . It’s secure, efficient, it’s ready when you are—and even when you’re not!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud SFTP?

Cloud SFTP combines the security of Secure File Transfer Protocol with cloud storage's scalability. Services like SFTP To Go provide a secure, cloud-based platform for file transfers, eliminating the need for physical server maintenance.

How does Cloud SFTP enhance data security?

Cloud SFTP secures data in transit and at rest with encryption. SFTP To Go adds layers of security through multi-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, and automated backups, safeguarding against unauthorized access and data loss.

Can Cloud SFTP integrate with existing workflows?

Yes, Cloud SFTP like SFTP To Go can integrate with existing workflows through API access and webhook notifications, automating file transfers and ensuring seamless data synchronization across systems.

Is Cloud SFTP suitable for all business sizes?

Cloud SFTP is scalable and suitable for any business size. Solutions like SFTP To Go offer flexible plans and an easy-to-use platform, catering to both small startups and large enterprises.

How easy is it to set up Cloud SFTP?

Setting up Cloud SFTP is straightforward with SFTP To Go. The process involves signing up, selecting a plan, and configuring settings via a user-friendly dashboard, enabling quick start-up times for secure file management.

What makes SFTP To Go a preferred Cloud SFTP provider?

SFTP To Go is preferred for its comprehensive security, scalability, and ease of use. Built on Amazon Web Services, it ensures reliable performance and offers extensive features for businesses seeking a secure, efficient cloud SFTP solution.