CEO of EvokeIQ: Andre Christian


Data Analytics


Virginia, US

Company Size

1-10 Employees


EvokeIQ, headquartered in Virginia, leads the way in delivering real-time data solutions specifically tailored for a variety of businesses.

This innovative company stands at the forefront of data analytics, providing services to a diverse clientele including golf and country clubs, private clubs, restaurant chains, and others navigating the complexities of SaaS, On-Premise, and third-party platforms, as well as outdated manual systems. 

Each project presents its own set of unique data ingestion and configuration challenges.

CEO Andre Christian highlights the vital role of SFTP To Go in addressing a critical need for their growing business, streamlining their operations and enhancing their service delivery.


EvokeIQ is on a mission to revolutionize how traditional businesses harness data analytics. 

By integrating disparate data sources into a unified command dashboard, they provide these businesses—a majority of which lack the sophisticated digital infrastructures of their online counterparts—with the means to easily access and manage their data.

The challenge for these businesses lies in the complexity of merging and securely transmitting data across different systems. This critical first step, albeit challenging due to the myriad of variables involved, sets the foundation for their digital transformation journey.

EvokeIQ addresses the needs of various institutions to continuously engage customers despite having a disjointed technology setup. This includes managing daily concerns ranging from weather and financial conditions to inventory issues, among other essential data sets.

Expertly navigating a complex data landscape, EvokeIQ integrates CSV, XML, and various financial datasets from both traditional on-premise systems and contemporary cloud sources. Their strategic choice of SFTP To Go, leveraging both SFTP and S3 protocols, guarantees a flawless connection across this diverse technological framework.

This approach empowers EvokeIQ to deliver a scalable, flexible solution that not only keeps pace with their growth but also cultivates a cohesive data ecosystem. This ecosystem adeptly supports both conventional and cloud-based infrastructures, ensuring their clients are well-equipped for the future.

The challenge

Andre highlighted the need for a reliable and secure SFTP service that could integrate seamlessly with webhooks for real-time notifications

To quote Andre:

“The offer to our customers is real-time visibility across their business. We are notified when a new file is uploaded and can now provide a data trail as to how often, when and, specifically, what time uploads occur, to help troubleshoot and provide validation to the customer that we have automated the data integration process. “

Their primary challenge was to avoid the pitfalls of managing intricate infrastructure, which could detract from their core offerings. 

In essence, they needed a solution that complemented their vision without the burden of maintaining it continuously.

The SFTP To Go solution

Searching for a solution that aligns with their vision of an SFTP Infrastructure as a service that is turnkey, simple, and scalable, EvokeIQ chose SFTP To Go as their simple and flexible solution.

The platform allowed them to ingest data from various sources through SFTP, streamlining their operations as data could securely pass from sources to their data store  without risk and with realtime notifications. .

SFTP To Go’s highly available, secure service with webhook capabilities perfectly matched their needs in this regard.

The impact for EvokeIQ  

With the help of SFTP To Go, EvokeIQ saw a transformation in how they managed data transfer and integration. For them, the key benefits included:

  • Simplicity: SFTP To Go's user-friendly interface allows EvokeIQ to focus on their core business without worrying about the complexities of infrastructure management.
  • Flexibility: The platform’s adaptability meant it could easily integrate with a range of data sources, a key factor for EvokeIQ’s diverse client base.
  • Availability: The robustness of SFTP To Go with its S3 storage layer ensured that EvokeIQ's services were always operational, providing consistent and reliable data access.

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Why SFTP To Go?

EvokeIQ considered a range of SFTP daemons that would run on Linux, as well as enterprise options by Microsoft Azure that turned out too costly to deploy. 

Andre points out that while there are better-known and more expensive platforms available, they often complicate the file transfer services, while SFTP To Go is simple and lean. 

SFTP To Go stood out for its capability, and EvokeIQ appreciated the comprehensive support provided, which was a significant factor in their decision-making process.

Advice for similar businesses

For businesses facing similar challenges, including complex infrastructures with multiple variables that pose challenges to secure and efficient data transmission, Andre Christian recommends SFTP To Go for its streamlined SFTP capabilities. 

He emphasizes the importance of choosing a platform that streamlines and secures file transfers without complicating the process.

Andre Christian extols the virtues of SFTP To Go's refined SFTP functionality for businesses navigating the complexities of intricate infrastructures, marked by numerous factors that complicate secure and efficient data transmission. 

He advocates for the selection of a solution that simplifies and secures file transfers, streamlining the process without adding unnecessary complexity.

In conclusion

EvokeIQ's success story with SFTP To Go is a testament to the power of selecting the right tools to complement and enhance business capabilities. 

In a world where data reigns supreme, EvokeIQ has found a reliable ally in SFTP To Go, ensuring secure, efficient, and uninterrupted data services for their diverse clientele.

The journey of EvokeIQ with SFTP To Go underscores the importance of carefully choosing the right technological tools that not only complement but also amplify business operations.

Andre Christian highlights that SFTP To Go has brought “simplicity, flexibility, and availability” to their secure data management practices. 

EvokeIQ's partnership with SFTP To Go is a beacon for secure, efficient, and seamless data services, catering to a wide range of client needs. This collaboration has positioned EvokeIQ as a resilient entity in harnessing the power of data for business innovation and customer satisfaction.

To explore more about EvokeIQ and their innovative data solutions, visit their website. For a closer look at CEO Andre Christian’s professional journey, view his LinkedIn profile.

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