We're pleased to announce the general availability of SFTP To Go's Heroku add-on. We would also like to thank our beta users for evaluating our product. We also received valuable feedback that helped us prioritize our roadmap and find and fix a handful of bugs.

Please check out our new plans on Heroku’s marketplace.

Discover SFTP To Go’s new features

  • SFTP Cloud storage - integrate seamlessly with partners and customers with the SFTP standard protocol to exchange files in any scale securely and easily.
  • Single click provisioning - No setup! Just provision the add-on and gain immediate access to your SFTP server. No maintenance required.
  • All the cloud love you need - use SFTP To Go to get all the scalability, durability and availability you've grown accustomed to on the cloud.
  • SFTP endpoint customization - simply add a CNAME record to personalize your SFTP endpoint.Live support - Need help connecting? We're here to help!

What’s next?

S3 access, HTTP access or management APIs? We'd like to hear what you'd like to see in the next version! We'd love you to help us shape our product - just reach out with feedback and let us know what's missing or what can be improved.

May the odds be ever in your favor,
Crazy Ant Labs team