Improved management and convenience with email notifications 

Big news from SFTP To Go: we’re amped to announce the launch of email notifications, designed to enhance how you stay informed about your secure file storage activities. 

With email notifications, you can now receive instant updates on file uploads, downloads, and deletions directly in your inbox, keeping you connected and in control of your data at all times.

Why email notifications?

Email notifications empower you to:

  • Stay updated: Receive timely alerts about critical file activities, ensuring you're always informed.
  • Customize your alerts: Tailor notifications to match your specific needs, filtering by activity type, user actions, or file characteristics.
  • Enhance security and efficiency: Quickly respond to unauthorized access or important updates, bolstering your data management strategy.

Quick setup for comprehensive alerts

Setting up email notifications is straightforward, so you’ll get to benefit from this feature in no time:

  1. Navigate to webhooks: Access the Webhooks menu within SFTP To Go and click on the "Add webhook" option.
adding a webhook in sftp to go
  1. Endpoint configuration: In the Add Webhook dialog, set the endpoint type to 'email' and enter the target address to start receiving notifications via email.
  2. Select your topics: Choose the topics you wish to be notified about. Whether it's file uploads, downloads, or deletions, you can select exactly what matters to you.
  3. Customize with filters (optional): For tailored alerts, you can apply filters to specify the conditions under which you receive notifications. This could be based on specific file paths, types, user actions, or other criteria, allowing you to focus on the most relevant notifications.
setting up email notifications in sftp to go

Ready? Get started!

Ready to streamline your workflow and boost your operational efficiency? Set up email notifications today and transform how you monitor and manage your files with SFTP To Go. 

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