Align your SFTP/FTPS/Webportal domains with your brand identity for an elevated presence

We're electrified to announce that, as of June 25, 2024, SFTP To Go supports custom domains for both web portal access and FTP endpoints. 

This fresh feature lets you personalize the SFTP To Go experience by using your own domains, enhancing brand presence, improving security, and providing a seamless experience for everyone who interacts with your storage.

What does this mean for you?

  • SFTP/FTPS domains: You can now add your custom domains directly in the SFTP To Go dashboard. This new addition means that while previous configurations remain functional, you can now manage and set your domain as the default endpoint, to be reflected in your dashboard instead of our host.
  • Web portal domains: Users on the Professional plan can now replace the assigned URL under with a custom subdomain (e.g.,, better aligning with their brand ID and creating a more credible and secure experience for their users.

Key benefits of custom domains support on SFTP To Go

  1. Improved security: SFTP To Go automatically manages TLS certificates for your web portal endpoints with an Automated Certificate Management (ACM) service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring secure connections. This reduces the risk of phishing and other security threats associated with generic domains.
  2. Enhanced brand presence: Using a custom domain helps align the SFTP To Go platform with your corporate identity, making it more recognizable and trustworthy to your users.
  3. Seamless user experience: By using familiar URLs, you provide a more intuitive and cohesive experience for your users, which can improve overall satisfaction and ease of use.

Setting up custom domains

Setting up custom domains is quite breezy:

  1. Add the domain via SFTP To Go dashboard -> Settings -> Network.
managed sftp with custom domains support
cloud sftp cloud storage custom domains
  1. Enter the fully qualified domain you wish to use (e.g.,
secure file transfer solution with custom domains support
  1. Select the endpoint type for the domain (SFTP/FTPS or Web Portal).
  2. Follow the instructions to add the necessary DNS records by clicking the relevant link below.

DNS Provider


AWS Route53

Supported DNS record types


Managing DNS records in Cloudflare

Digital Ocean

How to Create, Edit, and Delete DNS Records


Adding custom DNS records


Adding custom DNS records


Add a CNAME record

Google Domains

DNS basics

Kinsta DNS

How to Add DNS Records


Manage DNS Records with HostGator/eNom


How to create CNAME record for your domain

Changing your domain’s DNS settings


Adding Custom DNS Records


Adding or Updating CNAME Records

  1. Verify the domain and set it as the default once confirmed.
secure file transfer protocol custom domains support

Ready to get started? 

We’ve been releasing plenty of new features lately, including:

These features, including custom domains, are designed to bolster file management security, enhance the user experience, and support brand credibility.

Ready to get cracking? Explore our documentation for more details and get started with custom domains today!

We value your feedback 

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We couldn’t have done it without your user feedback and insightful feature requests.

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