Elevate data management with multi-file & folder download, & advanced credential filtering

Say hello to the latest feature additions from SFTP To Go! 

We're positively thrilled to unveil two significant new feature enhancements that will transform your file management experience. 

  1. Enhanced file browser and web portal
  2. Upgraded credentials list filtering capabilities. 

Let's unpack the details of these brave new features.

Enhanced file browser and web portal: multi-file and folder download

Bid farewell to tedious one-by-one downloads! 

With our improved file browser and web portal, you can now download multiple files and folders in one fell swoop. 

Select multiple items, and we'll create a Zip archive containing the entire tree of selected items, streamlining your download process. 

sftp to go multi folder download

Please note, however, that this feature is client-side, so there are limitations on the number of items and total size for downloading, depending on your system.

Upgraded credentials list filtering

We've turbocharged our credentials list with advanced filtering and sorting options to supercharge your credential management. 

Filter credentials by nickname, username, or ID to swiftly locate the credentials you need. 

sftp to go credentials list filtering

Moreover, filter by state and permissions to fine-tune your search results even further. 

sftp new feature credentials list filtering

Enjoy the flexibility of sorting the list by various properties, facilitating easier organization and prioritization of your credentials.


These new features further advance our file browser and web portal, and complement other fresh features like download notifications, email notifications, permissions options, and audit logs. So, be sure to explore those feature announcements, just in case you missed them.

Ready to make the most of these new features? Simply log in to your SFTP To Go account and experience boosted file management and streamlined credential filtering firsthand.

We Value Your Feedback

Your feedback fuels our innovation. Share your thoughts, suggestions, or any questions you may have about these new features via our in-app chat. 

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