The SFTP To Go team is pleased to announce two updates to the platform: enhanced permission options and the introduction of audit logs. 

These features will provide users with greater control and visibility over their file management activities, for a more secure and efficient workflow.

New permission options: tailored access control

Understanding the need for nuanced access control, SFTP To Go has expanded its permission settings. 

Users can now assign read and write permissions without the delete option, allowing for more precise control over file access and manipulation. 

This update is particularly useful for organizations requiring strict management of file deletion rights to prevent accidental or unauthorized data removal.

To learn more about setting up these new permissions, visit our documentation.

Audit logs: comprehensive activity tracking

SFTP To Go's new audit logs provide a detailed account of user activities within your storage environment. These logs capture essential information, including:

  • User actions: Track who connected, what actions they performed (upload, download, delete), and any errors encountered.
  • File details: Monitor the specifics of each file interaction, including file names and sizes.
  • Connection data: View the protocols used, IP addresses, and locations of user access points.

The audit logs interface is user-friendly, offering filters by user, session, and date range, with easy pagination for efficient navigation.

To access the audit logs, simply go to the settings in your SFTP To Go account and click on "View Audit Logs" under the “Security>Authentication methods” heading. 

sftp to go view audit logs

sftp to go audit log view

For more information on the topic, read our documentation.

We value your insight

Your input is the reason why we added this feature. So, we encourage you to share your experiences, suggestions, or any questions about download notifications, as well as other features you’d love to see added.

Your feedback drives our innovation, so don’t hesitate to contact us via our in-app chat (simply click the button at the bottom-right corner of the screen).

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