Time certainly flies when you’re busy—and we were crazy busy in 2023! Not busy resting on our laurels, mind you, but making the most of your constructive feedback by improving SFTP To Go for you! 

As we hurtle into 2024, here’s a deeper look at updates we've introduced over the past year and how we envision they’ll enhance your UX and flow in the new year.

So, what’s new?

Our web portal: streamlining file sharing with advanced security

  • What it means: The introduction of our web portal represents a leap in file-sharing efficiency and security. It's not just about transferring files; it's about creating a browser-based collaborative ecosystem that's both intuitive and secure.
  • Uses: Ideal for global teams handling sensitive data, the portal can be used for securely sharing large files, collaborating on projects in real-time, and maintaining a centralized file repository with controlled access.
  • Benefits: Enhanced security protocols ensure data protection, while the user-friendly interface simplifies file management, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Further, the portal makes SFTP To Go 100% accessible to users with limited tech savvy.

SFTP To Go Web Portal

Your branding, your digital workspace

  • What it means: Our new branding options let you infuse your web portal with your brand's identity, including colors, logos, and more for an engaging team experience.
  • Uses: Use this feature to reinforce your brand identity internally and in partner interactions. A branded portal serves as a powerful networking and cultural tool, enhancing brand recognition and trust.
  • Benefits: It helps to cultivate a sense of belonging among team members and offers a branded, professional experience to your partners, boosting your brand image.

SFTP To Go Branding Options

Customizable password policies and manual setting

  • What it means: SFTP To Go now lets users manually set passwords for credentials, bringing a balance between enhanced security and user autonomy.
  • Uses: Administrators can tailor password requirements to fit organizational security needs and manually set passwords for specific accounts, ensuring both compliance and convenience.
  • Benefits: This update brings increased security control through customized policies, while the manual setting of passwords adds flexibility, ensuring a secure yet user-friendly environment.

In 2023, we grew

As we say ciao to 2023, it's important to note how our team has expanded to enhance every aspect of your experience with SFTP To Go. 

  • What It Means: Our team's expansion is a direct response to our growing user base and our commitment to providing top-notch service. We've added more talent across all departments to ensure that every interaction you have with SFTP To Go is better than the last.
  • Benefits: This growth means faster response times, more specialized support, more informative content, and more innovative development. It's about enhancing your satisfaction and productivity, ensuring that you have the best tools and support at your fingertips.

In 2024, what to expect

In 2024, we're looking to take things up a notch. Here's what's coming:

  • Better auditing: We know the importance of transparency and accountability, so we're making audit logs accessible to our customers, giving you more insight and control over your data and interactions.
  • Developing the new web portal: You’ll see more customization options like custom domains, along with new features like file requests and shares. We're dedicated to a web portal that’s as versatile and user-friendly as it can be.
  • Boosting user experience: Our goal is to improve your experience, so expect an even more intuitive and seamless interface in 2024.
  • Simplified automations: We’ll be streamlining processes like email notifications and file expiration to make your workflow smoother and more efficient.
SFTP To Go 2024 updates
Us driving into 198...oh right, 2024.

We're looking forward to it

So, bring it on, 2024.  Our goals and promise to you? We'll continue building on these updates, scouring your feedback, and further enhancing your experience with SFTP To Go. 

Your input and engagement have been invaluable in this journey, and the future looks golden as well.